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About Watson Beat

Beat is Watson’s foray into music. Watson Beat is a cognitive system that can understand music theory, and emotions and how they correlate and connect with each other. Using this knowledge Watson can compose original music that can augment the creativity and imagination of musicians and hobbyists alike.


Technology: The underlying technology is an artificial neural network (specifically a deep belief network) that takes in as input a piece of music, learns this pieces using deep learning algorithms, and outputs a NEW composition that is inspired by the original input. The new composition can be manipulated to learn based on emotional intent (some emotions/colors/flavors we have experimented with are (a) Amped, (b) Dark/Sad, (c) Spooky/Haunted, (d) Romantic, and (e) World music.


Reascript for importing midi files generated by Watson Beat and assigning VSTs.
Presets for using Native Instruments Komplete Select package
API Script examples

The Compose API

The Watson Beat Compose API is a part of Watson Beat's REST API. It allows users to choose from existing tunes and moods to compose a new musical piece. The output provides the path to the zip file that contains the necessary MIDI files needed for the composition

The Compose API Usage

Endpoint to compose a musical piece given a tune and a mood.
Send a POST request to:
url: http://watsonbeat.mybluemix.net/api/compose
body: { "tune": "entertainer" "mood": "amped" }

Query parameters and values

"tune": one of ['newWorld', 'mary', 'entertainer', 'askWatson']
"mood": one of [ 'amped', 'chill', 'romantic', 'worldy', 'ominous']

The WbFiles API

The Watson Beat WbFiles API is a part of Watson Beat's REST API. It allows users to download the zip file that contains necessary MIDI files needed for the composition.

The WbFiles API Usage

Endpoint to download a zip file containing all the MIDI files needed for the composition.
Send a GET request to:
url: http://watsonbeat.mybluemix.net/api/wbfiles/path_to_zip_file_from_post_request

Janani Mukundan

Lead Researcher

IBM Austin Research Lab


Richard Daskas

Lead Musician

IBM Austin Research Lab


Christopher Durham

Research Manager

IBM Austin Research Lab


Elizabeth Transier

Business Dev

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